Whitetail Deer Season is Approaching!
Don’t Miss out this Year.

whitetail deer hunting 2Each year thousands of hunters look forward to whitetail deer season with anticipation of bagging that trophy deer. The season in Texas runs from 1 November through 4 January with a late antlerless and spike season following the regular season. Keep in mind that a valid Texas hunting license and any deer taken must be tagged. Game wardens will be out in force throughout the season so ensure that you obey all applicable state laws.

If you are one of those hunters looking for an outstanding whitetail deer hunt then be sure to check out Stone Creek Hunting Ranch near Gatesville, Texas. They can provide you with an outstanding hunt and a fantastic stay at their lodge. Get the most for your money from your hunt, wherever it may be, by planning your hunt early and following these simple steps:

1. Prepare Yourself – Hunting can be a tiring endeavor if you are not in good shape. It can include long hikes to the hunting areas, enduring bad weather such as rain and cold. Begin a moderate exercise program 2-3 months before your planned hunt. Take long walks (5-6 miles) to get used to hiking in to your hunting area and wear a backpack to get used to the extra weight you will be carrying. Also remember that you may have to carry your trophy out some distance.
2. Prepare Your Weapon – There is nothing worse than lining up that world class trophy buck in sight and missing the shot be 6 inches simply because your gun was not properly sighted. Go to a local range and make sure your weapon is sighted in correctly. If you are a bow hunter make sure your bow has a new string before setting out on that hunt and you have new and sharp broadheads.
3. Practice Shooting – The number of stories about hunters missing a shot because of nerves is staggering. That shot needs to be a reflex action developed over time at a shooting range. You don’t need to think the shot, it should be automatic if you have done enough practice shooting. Practice the same way you may find yourself on a hunt; rain, cold, only seconds to line it up. Remember in the field you may not be nice and comfortable and only have a split second to make that shot.
4. Dress Properly – There is nothing worse than sitting in a stand and all you can think about is how cold you are and when will the sun worm up. Outfit yourself with the proper clothing, boots, hat, gloves and your hunt will be all that much more enjoyable.
5. Listen to Your Guide – Most guides have been organizing and leading hunts for years. They know all the tricks to ensure you get that buck you wanted so pay attention to what they tell you.

whitetail deer huntingFollow these simple steps and you will find that your whitetail deer hunt is everything you hoped it would be and more.  If you need any equipment to complete your hunting package be sure to check out Swineslayer.com.  They have a wide variety of equipment to make sure your hunt is complete and their prices are great.


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