Summer Lawn Care Is Just Around the Corner

Although we are in the middle of winter it is a good time to consider being ready for the warmer weather and what you will be doing with your summer lawn care. A lawn care program helps to promote growth, manage weeds, insects and disease. It should, at a minimum, includes fertilizer, herbicides or other products to prevent or control insects and other pests. The effort you devote to lawn care is a boost to property value. Mowing, watering and fertilizing are the building blocks of a complete summer lawn care program and help to ensure a beautiful lawn but also help to prevent soil erosion, pollution and helps to produce oxygen.


summer lawn careMowing is the key to a healthy lawn. The average height should be approximately two inches. The best time to mow is during the evening hours when the sun is low on the horizon. Mowing the lawn stimulates the grass to grow and requires more water so do mowing when it is cooler. Mowing schedules change during the hot summers when the grass slows down its growth. Mow without a bag to allow the clippings so that they will help to enrich the soil.


wateringYour summer lawn care program will be lost without proper watering.  When and how much you water your grass will determine its growth and health. Lawns need approximately one inch of water each week so be sure not to over-water. The best time is at dawn or after sundown. Watering during the day will not give your grass enough moisture for healthy growth. Automatic sprinkler systems are an efficient, convenient way to deliver water coverage to your property without bothering you and can easily control the amount of water without you being present.


fertilizingBe sure to choose a fertilizer containing three essential ingredients; nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen helps to promote green grass, phosphorus encourages healthy root growth and potassium helps your grass become resistant to drought and disease. There are also organic fertilizers that can be used to feed your lawn. Apply lawn fertilizers twice each year. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the package.

Weed and Insect Control

A healthy lawn is the best way to control weeds and insects. One sign of an insect problem on your lawn is grass that has turned brown. Check with your local nursery of lawn care professional for natural, organic weed and insect control products. You can also hire a professional lawn care contractor to help you determine if you have an insect problem and provide you advice and service. A beautiful, green lawn can be achieved if you will just spend a few hours a week during the long, hot summers.

Work at summer lawn care and enjoy the beautiful lawn all summer long.

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