Lawn Care after Winter

(and save money in the process)

lawn careIt has been a long, cold winter and now it is beginning to warm up and we are getting some much needed rain. Time to get that lawn ready for another year! You lawn has been in an almost dormant state (except for those weeds) so take the time to prepare your yard for a great growing season and a beautiful look. A few simple steps as the growing season begins can ensure a healthy and beautiful lawn all year.

Spring Lawn Care Simple Steps

  • Clean up: The first step in lawn care should be to clean up all the leaves and debris that has accumulated over the winter. Rake up all those old leaves, sticks and rubbish that is left over from winter to give your grass a chance. Raking also helps in loosening up the topsoil to help stimulate grass growth and development of a healthy root system.
  • Aerate your yard: This allows the grass to breath as well as allowing water and nutrients to reach the root system easily.
  • Add fertilizer: Ensure that the fertilizer you use is developed for the type grass you have. Ask your lawn care specialist if in doubt. Fertilizer should be added as soon as your yard shows signs of returning after winter.
  • Spray for weeds: Weeds always seem to somehow flourish during the cold months so take the time to get rid of them before they spread. While you are trying to get your grass growing again you don’t want it competing with weeds. Check with your local garden shop if you have any special weed problems to ensure you use the correct spray. If you are using a pre-emergent weed spray wait until after seeding and grass is growing. Pre-emergent sprays can prevent grass seed from germinating.
  • Add seed: Spread grass seed on areas that are thin or bare after winter. Add a light layer of new soil when adding seeds and don’t forget to water regularly until new grass is established.
  • Water regularly: Yards should receive a weekly watering that soaks to about 1 – 1 ½ inches. More water than this wastes water. Watering should be done early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid excessive loss through evaporation during the hot times of the day, which can cost you. If your area restricts the amount of watering you are able to do, ensure that areas that have heavy foot traffic are targeted.
  • Mow regularly: You should mow on a regular schedule to avoid the grass growing too high. Mowing should cut about 1/3 of the grass height. Avoid cutting too low as this allows the sun to reach the soil and dry it out faster. Make sure your mower blade is sharp to cut the grass rather than tear it. If your grass shows torn brown tips after mowing your blade is in need of sharpening.

Keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful does take time and money but by following these simple tips you can have a lawn that is the envy of your neighbors and reduce your overall costs for lawn maintenance. If you are in need of assistance or have a lawn care question you need help with in the Dallas area contact Diamond Lawn Service.

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