Home Remodeling Tips

I am currently in the middle of my fifth major home remodeling project and over the course of the last five years have learned a few ways to save myself money and help to speed up the project completion. If you are planning on a home remodeling project soon you may want to check these out and see if they apply to your project.

Early Planning

home remodeling 1After my first project I did learn that beginning the planning very early was crucial. The first thing to consider in the planning is who will do the actual work. Check around, talk to people that have had work done by various contractors, talk to the contractors, check out their online reviews (if they have any) and do your research carefully before choosing a contractor. I was lucky by choosing Seal Construction Co. to do my projects because I knew the owner personally and had seen the work he had done on other projects. Think about when you hope to have the contractors actually working at your home. Think about what the weather is like at that time. On my first project we actually began the planning late in the summer and ended up having much of the work done during the rainy season. Not the best time and resulted in mud and mess in the house, excessive damage to the yard and a number of lost work days due to rain. It would have been much better to do the planning in the early spring and the actual work in early summer when the days were clear but not too hot. I made sure to apply this when I took on the second project.

Shop Around

My contractor advised me that I could save money by purchasing a number of the material myself. Rather than having him simply pick out things such as bathroom fixtures, ceiling fans and lights, flooring, bathroom tile, etc. I shopped around and found items that I wanted and were on sale and in some cases received a military discount on their purchase. Additionally, by purchasing these items ahead of time and having them staged at my house there was no delay for workers to go pick things up.

Be Available

seo mistakesOnce the work begins on your home remodeling project make sure that you are available whenever workers are at your home. Questions may arise in some details that require your decision and your absence may result in a delay until you return or the wrong thing being done on the project. In my case either my wife or I were always available and it helped to speed up the project and ensure that we ended up with what we wanted.

Lastly, Know the Rules

This last tip I learned the hard way during my current project. When the initial inspection was conducted by the city we were asked for the survey. We had a recent survey that was provided and were informed that we needed a new survey that showed the actual forms for the addition foundation forms. Although it was obvious that the forms were well within the setback lines for the property, common sense did not prevail and we had to order a new survey which delayed the project 6 days. Make sure that you investigate everything prior to starting work such as, is there a local homeowners association or local district that must approve it. Thing like this can end up costing you time and money if missed.

If you have any additional tips that can help with a remodeling project I would love to hear them. Good luck on your next home remodeling project and consider these tips to help you save time and money.

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