Guest Post Guidelines

Help Ur Wallet welcomes posts from authors that meet the following guest post guidelines:

  1. Article must be on a subject of saving money for the reader either personally in or in their business and must be original articles.  Articles will be checked for duplicate articles already published.
  2. Article must be a minimum of 400 words to be considered and no more than 800 for single page articles.  Articles less than 400 words will not be considered.  Any articles over 800 words will be published as a multiple part article.
  3. Articles must use correct grammar and punctuation.  We will not correct your submission.
  4. Articles should be submitted in Microsoft Word format.
  5. Articles should include at least one appropriate image.  Ensure that you obtain approval for use of copyright images and cite the source.
  6. Authors must check and respond to any comments the first 72 hours after publication.  Articles will be kept open a least one week or longer if they generate quality comments.
  7. Articles may include one anchor text follow link and one follow link in author’s bio if desired.  Links in content must be relevant and link to quality sites.

Once a submission is received it will be reviewed within 48 hours and the author notified if it is accepted.  You will be notified when the article is published by email with a link to the article.

To submit an article use the Contact Form on the right sidebar to provide us your name, email and the topic you would like to write about.  We will get back with you quickly if we are interested in your topic and you can then submit the article for review.