Recycling – Savings for Everyone

recyclingFor those of us that live in areas where recycling is required, it sometimes seems like such a hassle.  Having to keep a separate container, hauling it to the curb each week and separating what we once threw into our trash takes time and effort.  We sometimes wonder if it is all really worth it and what is the benefit to us?

Recycling Save Money in Production

Much of what we put into our recycling bins ends up going back into producing new products and saves money in production costs.  Paper and cardboard that is recycled can result in fewer trees being harvested each year.  Recycling metals saves in refining raw ore and also reduces the amount of mining necessary for new products while at the same time reducing emissions from these activities.  All of this not only helps to keep down production costs and ultimately the price we pay for products but also reduces the impact on our fragile environment.

Each year we hear environmentalists tell us of the damage being done to our planet and how we will some day run out of the valuable resources available.  Much of this is based on the fact that a large percentage of those resources are being placed in landfills each year.  Recycling is a smart way to reuse resources while reducing the amount of that is being simply buried annually.  It also saves us money at the cashier when we buy new products.

Put Money in Your Own Pocket

Many people have discovered a simple way to add to their income by simply recycling.  There are a number of recycle companies that pay for the things that we throw away without a thought.  Aluminum cans, copper wire, old steel pipe, old wire fencing, refrigerators, washing machines and old cars.  Many other worn out items can be recycled and you can receive payment for them by weight.  Check with your local recycling company to find out the price they are paying for such items and drop them off and put some extra cash in your pocket.  Take for example aluminum cans.  A recent study reported that the average person drinks 1.6 cans of soda daily.  For a family of just two that would come to 1168 cans a year.  It takes approximately 31 cans to equal one pound so a family of two would collect just over 37 1/2 pounds of aluminum each year.  Recycled aluminum brings about $0.33 per pound so this would bring in about $12.47.  Not a lot of money but consider that you have been throwing it away and for a larger family the saving would be much more.  This does not include what you could make from copper, steel and all the other recyclable metals.

Remember that recycling is not only good for our economy and environment but can also be an easy way to put a little extra money back into your pocket!

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