Insulation – An Easy Way to Save Money

insulationThe insulation in your home is something most of us don’t give much thought to most of the time. We only think about it when it gets very cold or very hot and we see our energy costs begin to go up quickly.  Since most of us moved into an existing home we don’t have any input into what type or how much insulation was installed during construction.  On the other hand, if you are considering having a new home build or having major remodeling done you can make sure it is done correctly and saves you money in the long run.  There are several different types of insulation such as blown, batt and foam insulation so check them all out for cost and efficiency.

Why Is Insulation Important?

Insulation provides you with a barrier between your family and the elements outside.  It will help to hold in heat during winter and your cool air conditioning during the hot summer months.  By ensuring this it will help to keep your energy usage down and in doing so, your energy costs!  Insulation also provides an acoustic barrier that helps to keep outside noises from disturbing your lifestyle.  Today, noise pollution is a hot topic and homes that provide acoustic control increase in value.  Lastly, a well insulated home provides a moisture barrier thereby reducing the chances of mold inside your home, a serious issue that can be costly in removing.  Overall, insulation is one of the cheapest as well as effective means of making a home more energy efficient.

How to Know if Your Insulation is Correct?

insulation 2One of the first things you should consider is to have a professional heating and air conditioning company give you an evaluation on your current insulation.  If you currently live in an older home, chances are the standards for insulation have changed since your home was built.  Building codes ensure that homes are energy efficient and you may find that your insulation is below the minimum standards for efficiency now.  This may cost you in the short term but will pay dividends for years to come if you upgrade you insulation to the current standards.  An example of this is that in the state of Texas the codes were changed in 1980 to require more insulation in exterior walls.  Today there are a wide variety of materials for insulating, each having its own advantages and disadvantages so consult a professional before deciding.

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